altered canons

mark klink

Throughout history, artists have retaken the legacy of classical art by studying its various manifestations, principles, or styles. Some of them, to base their work on those old canons, and others, to question or redefine them.

In this series, Mark Klink draws on ancient Roman and Greek sculpture models to experiment on their shapes, textures, and colors. Explores new morphologies through software manipulation incorporating glitch aesthetics.

The new generated dimensions turn our gaze on these crystallized relics. They bring an unexpected combination between those forms that remain in the memory of art and the beauty found on its alterations. Artworks that reshape classical models to reveal the structures of contemporary technology.

3D Illustrations(2019-2021)

Mark Klink

Studied Art at UC Davis and Berkeley, Mark Klink has been and done many things: Swept floors, worked in a factory, been an athlete, a minor government official, a lifeguard, a computer programmer, and a traditional print maker. For twenty years he taught children and other educators how to use computers. But the thing he likes best (beside family) is making curious pictures. He is fascinated by technology, art, philosophy, literature, movies, nature, people. He spends most of his free time experimenting with digital art.