that virtual object of desire

ray gropius

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Ray Gropius proposes a particular way of representing reality. Drawings created through an interconnected web of lines and points are arranged in different perspectives. Figures are built through geometric patterns based on complex mathematical calculations.

Objects of worship and everyday fetishes make up the scenes of these visual works that, as X-Ray, reveal fantasies, needs and beliefs of contemporary life.

Through his meta-drawings, he synthesizes the desires of the unconscious and delineate their simulation in the virtuality, immortal, but at the same time ephemeral.

Metaversal drawings(2017)

Ray Gropius

Ray Gropius was born in the Netherlands, in 1988. His work is based on digital creation and experimentation in virtual environments. In his most recent work, he explores the hybridization of different representation techniques such as drawing, photography and 3D simulation. His visual style is mathematical and minimalist; and his conceptual proposal suggests a certain dose of irony.